Top Tips For Borehole Maintenance

Borehole maintenance is extremely important whether you use it for domestic or commercial purposes. You won't only extend the lifetime of a borehole with regular maintenance, but you'll also maintain its efficiency and yield.

Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to borehole maintenance:

1. Never service your own borehole

While it's tempting to try and service your borehole to save costs, it's not a great idea. When you open the borehole cap, you might be doing irreversible damage to your water source since you allow for bacteria to enter your water supply.

Instead, hire a borehole contractor like Enviro Boreholes, who have the right equipment and expert knowledge to keep your water supply safe from contamination and your borehole fully operational.

2. Prevention is Better than Cure

If you leave borehole maintenance for too long, you might eventually incur serious costs. Make sure you regularly inspect your parts to prevent damage. In case you find any defects or corrosion, immediately get in touch with a borehole contractor for advice and follow the required steps to fix it. Even more so when using borehole water for drinking since ignoring these issues might put your family's health at risk.

3. Regularly test your water

Water should be tested for bacteria and contamination frequently, especially if used for drinking. A simple SANS-241 test can be done at any water lab and should be done at least once per annum. If at any time there's a change in the appearance, smell or taste, it's better to perform a test just to be safe./p>

4. Use Borehole Specialists for Maintenance

Before you hire a contractor to do borehole maintenance, make sure they know what they're doing. Only use qualified professionals! Enviro Boreholes has been drilling boreholes and doing borehole maintenance for over ten years. Their staff is highly trained, and customer satisfaction is their primary goal.

If you need a professional to do borehole maintenance, get in contact with one of the team members at Enviro Boreholes today.

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