Top reasons why borehole water purification is crucial when used for domestic purposes

Domestic boreholes have become a popular eco-friendly water source solution in recent years and are predicted to keep on growing as drought affects many parts of South Africa.

Boreholes is a great way to access natural groundwater and while installing a borehole might set you back a few thousand rands, there are many long-term advantages in getting your own private water supply straight from the ground. Before you can use it for drinking purposes though, ýou'll need to perform some tests to make sure it's safe for consumption.

Why Test Your Water?

While many people assume groundwater are pure and clean, nearly all water contains bacteria, even when far away from pollution. Since groundwater comes in contact with air and soil, it consists of dissolved minerals, microbes and organic compounds, making it unsafe to ingest.

When contaminant levels are unusually high, your water might smell or taste bad and will negatively affect your health as well as specific household routines such as staining of laundry. But not all harmful contaminants in water are apparent and may not cause health problems for years. Thus, the only way to ensure your water is safe for consumption is to install a borehole water purification system and have it tested on a regular basis.

To be considered safe for drinking, the water quality must comply with private borehole regulations currently in place by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry. A simple SANS-241 test can be performed at any lab, and once results are back, Enviro Boreholes can recommend the suitable equipment for treating your borehole water.

Installing a borehole and maintaining borehole water purification systems, are no cheap exercise, and this is not the time to focus on price either. It will cost you more in the long run if you don't use professionals for the job. Contact Enviro Boreholes for all your borehole water purification needs today.

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