Sick And Tired Of Water Restrictions? Supply Your Own Water By Installing A Borehole.

We all need water to survive. Even the adult human body is mostly water, 60% to be exact. Did you know that the average human you can live without food for 21 days? But water is a totally different story since we need it to regulate our body temperature, flush out waste and lubricate our joints. The maximum time the human body can live without water is 7 days.

Currently, in South Africa, we are struggling with water shortages. Luckily for some provinces, going into summer means rainfall but for others like Western Cape, this means disaster since they get most of their rainfall in winter. Since I've already told you how crucial water is, I don't have to tell you how serious the water crisis is, not only for Western Cape but also for other provinces since they would have to source water from said provinces. To put it plainly, when it comes to water, the future in South Africa looks bleak. But it doesn't have to be that way!

The solution is to make use of groundwater by installing a borehole.

Groundwater is clean and rich in minerals. Many people aren't even aware that there is water flowing right under our feet, safe from evaporation and far away from the threat of toxins. This water is probably one of the most unused water resources in our country. Every South African has the right to make use of this water resource and what better way to extract it than with a borehole.

Where does groundwater come from?

Groundwater comes from rain and hail that seep into the ground because of gravitational pull. It moves beyond sand, soil and rock until it reaches a level where it can freely flow.

How deep do you have to drill to find groundwater?

There isn't a specific depth but it can be close to the earth's surface or it can be 10 000 meters deep. The average borehole is between 60m and 80m deep.

Will installing a borehole really help the water shortage in South Africa?

Indeed it will! Not only will it make you self-reliant when it comes to water, it will save you money on municipal costs. Legally, you can use up to 20 000 liters of groundwater every day for anything from watering your garden, washing your car to drinking it. If you are interested in installing a borehole on your property, get in contact with Enviro Boreholes today. With over 10 years experience in borehole drilling and a passion for sourcing water, you will be in good hands.

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