How To Select The Correct Borehole Pump

Once the borehole is drilled, it’s time to install the correct pump. It’s vital that you are aware that deciding on a pump is a critical step in getting the most benefit from your borehole. Why is it so important to choose the proper pump? Although the first expense of the pump is a major factor, the life span cost of owning the borehole also need to be considered.

Typical lifetime costs for a medium-sized industrial pump

Over and undersized pumps are extremely ineffective. They consume a lot of additional energy compared to the quantity of water provided. Additionally, pumps that are energy inefficient will likely have remarkably short periods in between breakdowns. So choosing the proper pump, even if it’s higher in price in the short-term, will be significantly advantageous over the lifespan of the installation.

With all the alternatives on the market, where does one start?

There are elements that you’ll need to take into account:

1. Never service your own borehole

There are elements that you’ll need to take into account:

  • Pump application - What do you intend to do with the water you generate from your borehole?
  • Garden irrigation - Using it for a sprinkler system or hosepipe.
  • Filling up a tank or reservoir
  • Domestic use
  • Farm applications like crop irrigation or water for animals
  • Mine dewatering

These varied applications will demand different pumps.

Pressure and Flow rate

No matter the application, it boils down to two principal components - the quantity of water to be moved, and the force that should be produced to get the water to where it is required

Pumping distance

The water will commence underground and finally be delivered to its endpoint through the pump. The longer the distance, the more powerful the pump will have to be.

Depth of the borehole

Moving water up vertically requires lots of energy, thus a deep borehole will need a much more potent pump than a shallow borehole.


If there is a variation in height between the surface of the borehole and the water’s endpoint, then this also needs to be included in the pump selection process, since it will demand additional power from the pump.

Borehole recharge rate

Keep in mind the level of the water is an average measurement. The water level in a borehole will decrease as it is pumped from the borehole, and increase when it's recharged. The borehole’s recharge rate ought to be taken into consideration when choosing a pump, especially when the application includes dewatering.

Remember that pumps have restrictions to what they can do. If the array of duties is small, the selection gets far easier, but if there are several functions to cover, you may find yourself having to make some compromises. Let Eniviro Boreholes assist you with choosing the right.

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