Borehole Yield Testing: Why You Should Do It Regularly.

Whether you are drilling a new borehole or rehabilitating an old one, it is crucial to use the expertise of a skilled water surveyor. Over time many old wells collapse and are not any longer viable. You can risk losing all your gear should you install the pump before doing a proper evaluation of the borehole.

Additionally, it is vital that you perform a yield test to determine the amount of water in your well. As a result, it's possible to make the appropriate pump choice for your borehole.

Why is it important to do yield testing?

  • To determine borehole potential - To calculate the sustainable yield and hydraulic functionality of boreholes for water supplies.
  • To identify aquifer potential - To assess the hydraulic characteristics of the aquifer to discover the groundwater sources.

The water yield may differ based on the season, the number of new boreholes nearby, the variations in the annual rainfall as well as adverse environmental effects of high transpiration resulting from the planting of large quantities of trees. It is because of this that broad safety guidelines are permitted with the installation of the suitable pumping system. An incorrect pump measurements can harm the borehole and make it unviable. Utilising the proper equipment in your borehole process will guarantee the robustness of your water resource.

A significant element of a borehole yield test is keeping track of the water quality when pumped from the borehole. A water sample is usually taken at the start of the test as well as at the end of the test for a full chemical breakdown, while the electrical conductivity and temperature are typically observed with the water level throughout the test. The water quality is also imperative to see whether it is ideal for household, irrigation or commercial applications. Following South African Standards the highest allowable nitrate content is 10mg/l. An excessive amount nitrate has a significant effect on babies under six months.

How long does yield testing take?

The duration of the test is directly linked to the duty period that the borehole will be pumped at, as soon as the long term pump has been fitted. For example, a borehole delivering domestic water to a residence will have a faster duty period than a sprinkler system borehole. Consequently, the type and process of the test pumping carried out on a household borehole will likely be quicker compared to test for an irrigation borehole.

Other Things to remember.

  • An estimate of the water yield by the driller is not adequate and could be incorrect.
  • If you are fortunate enough to have a borehole that generates a good amount of water, never pump more than you'll need.
  • Groundwater is a highly valuable resource and should not be wasted.

More often than not the continual over pumping of a borehole can result in the eventual total malfunction of the borehole, causing demand to have the borehole re-drilled. This can be a lot.

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