With the new year quickly approaching, everybody is trying to find ways to save money. Living costs and personal spending is always the first-place people start but have you considered how much money you spend on water? And with the drought crippling the water supply in South Africa, specifically the Western Cape, how secure is the water supply really?

If you are considering becoming self-sufficient, have a look at the considerations below to find out if you too could benefit from installing a borehole on your property.

1. Where is your money going?

Every time you open your tap, whether at home or at your business premises, you are spending money you don't need to. Even more so if you're working in an environment that uses hundreds of litres of water every day - water down the drain means money down the drain.

This is where a borehole can save you money since you'll have thousands of litres of water at your disposal.

2. You can have your own reliable water supply

Borehole users can expect to extract anything up to 20 000 litres per day depending on the yield in your specific area. Think about it - 20 000 litres of filtered water FREE every day, to be used for your home or business - all this from your own borehole.

Another thing to consider is the drought currently spreading through South Africa. Having your very own secure water supply sure is a plus in these uncertain times.

3. You can increase the value of your property

Since everyone seems to care more about the environment these days, making energy-saving enhancements to your property will increase its value and help to entice a buyer If you ever decide to move.

By having your own borehole, you will not only become self-sufficient and have a steady flow of water available to you every day, but you'll save money as well. Get in touch with Enviro Boreholes today and let them help you lower your water bill.

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Depending on the province you live in, you might have just come out of a water restriction period or going into one. There are a lot of reasons for these water shortages, from climate change to mismanagement of water resources. Whichever one you believe, the fact of the matter is that drought is something we as South Africans now have to face and deal with.

Not many people realise just how serious the water crisis in South Africa is and are oblivious to the fact that Level 5 water restrictions have just been implemented in Cape Town. They simply keep using as much water as they want, leaving the rest to do the work.

So what exactly does level 5 water restrictions mean?

You are not allowed to:

  • Hose down paving with municipal drinking water.
  • Water your garden or plants with municipal drinking water.
  • Wash your vehicles with municipal water. Rather make use of groundwater or use waterless products.
  • Fill up swimming pools with municipal drinking water, not even a portable play pool.
  • Use municipal drinking water for water features.
  • Use more than 87 litres of municipal drinking water per person per day (for drinking, cooking, showering, washing and flushing toilets)

The citizens of South Africa need to stand together and become more water conscious in order to save our beautiful country.

What can we do about it?

While there's nothing we can do about drought there is something we can do to lighten the load on municipal water usage like installing a borehole.

How will a borehole help conserve municipal water?

By installing a domestic borehole, you can take the load off municipal water supply since borehole water can be used for anything from irrigation to drinking. You won't ever have to rely on a water supply from the municipality for your daily needs.

What does installing a borehole involve?

The process is very straightforward. First, borehole sitting is done, Once a location is found, the drilling will begin. After the drilling, the casing will be placed inside the well to avoid contamination. The final steps include installation of the pump and filtration system. A borehole installation can take anything from three to five days from start to finish.

Who can I contact to install a borehole?

No one other than Enviro Boreholes of course! With over 10 years’ experience and a reputation that stands out above the rest, you'll be in really good hands! Get in contact with Enviro Boreholes and become self-sufficient with your water supply today.

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