More and more people wish to become more self-reliant and energy efficient to protect the environment and save money. With energy and water costs skyrocketing in recent years, it's not difficult to see why. Another reason why people might choose to install a borehole is the fact that South Africa is struggling through one of the worst droughts in centuries. And with water restrictions happening all over, now is the best time to drill that borehole.

But before you hire a borehole drilling company, there are some questions you should ask.

How experienced are they?

When hiring a borehole drilling company, the worst thing you can do is hire the first one that comes along or hire them based on price. Borehole drilling is serious business, and if not done right, you'll waste plenty of money. Make sure you use someone reliable, with ample experience that will provide you with references.

Where will your borehole be installed?

The chances are that if you live on a farm, there won't be a problem finding space for your borehole but in urban settings pipelines, electrical cables, telephone cables and structures can interfere with the placement. Sometimes, boreholes are installed in your driveway which will mean that you'll incur additional costs to lift and replace brickwork.

Some things to consider when selecting a borehole pump:

  • Purpose of borehole - will the water be used for irrigation, domestic usage or to fill up a reserve tank.
  • Flow rate - which means the amount of water to be moved and the pressure needed to get it there
  • Distance the water needs to travel - from under the ground to the top of the borehole, and from the borehole to your tap
  • Refill rate - the water level in your borehole will drop when pumping water and will refill when it rains

Can they test your water to make sure it's safe for drinking?

Any trustworthy borehole drilling company will be able to test your water to see if it is free of contaminants. If a filtration system is required, they will be able to install it.

What will it cost?

Drilling a borehole is no cheap endeavour but the benefits involved far exceeds the costs. Ask your borehole drilling company for a full breakdown of the costs involved as well as maintenance expenses to avoid any confusion. Make sure there aren't any hidden costs

What if they don't find water?

If all siting procedures were followed correctly and no water was found, you'll still be liable to pay for the drilling costs. You won't, however, need to pay for the materials such as the pump, filtration system etc., since you won't be requiring them.

If you want to use one of the best borehole companies in the industry, get in touch with Enviro Boreholes today!

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