More and more people wish to become more self-reliant and energy efficient to protect the environment and save money. With energy and water costs skyrocketing in recent years, it's not difficult to see why. Another reason why people might choose to install a borehole is the fact that South Africa is struggling through one of the worst droughts in centuries. And with water restrictions happening all over, now is the best time to drill that borehole.

But before you hire a borehole drilling company, there are some questions you should ask.

How experienced are they?

When hiring a borehole drilling company, the worst thing you can do is hire the first one that comes along or hire them based on price. Borehole drilling is serious business, and if not done right, you'll waste plenty of money. Make sure you use someone reliable, with ample experience that will provide you with references.

Where will your borehole be installed?

The chances are that if you live on a farm, there won't be a problem finding space for your borehole but in urban settings pipelines, electrical cables, telephone cables and structures can interfere with the placement. Sometimes, boreholes are installed in your driveway which will mean that you'll incur additional costs to lift and replace brickwork.

Some things to consider when selecting a borehole pump:

  • Purpose of borehole - will the water be used for irrigation, domestic usage or to fill up a reserve tank.
  • Flow rate - which means the amount of water to be moved and the pressure needed to get it there
  • Distance the water needs to travel - from under the ground to the top of the borehole, and from the borehole to your tap
  • Refill rate - the water level in your borehole will drop when pumping water and will refill when it rains

Can they test your water to make sure it's safe for drinking?

Any trustworthy borehole drilling company will be able to test your water to see if it is free of contaminants. If a filtration system is required, they will be able to install it.

What will it cost?

Drilling a borehole is no cheap endeavour but the benefits involved far exceeds the costs. Ask your borehole drilling company for a full breakdown of the costs involved as well as maintenance expenses to avoid any confusion. Make sure there aren't any hidden costs

What if they don't find water?

If all siting procedures were followed correctly and no water was found, you'll still be liable to pay for the drilling costs. You won't, however, need to pay for the materials such as the pump, filtration system etc., since you won't be requiring them.

If you want to use one of the best borehole companies in the industry, get in touch with Enviro Boreholes today!

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A complete private water supply installation consists of several elements such as submersible pumps, headworks, management systems and in many cases, water storage tanks.

Water storage tanks are frequently used if the borehole supply doesn't produce sufficient water when needed, or the borehole needs an opportunity to get caught up following a significant period of use. This is in particular ideal for golf courses and holiday resorts that have substantial water demands at set times during the day.

What are the advantages of a Water Storage Tank?

It is advised that the use of water storage tanks where your need for water is most likely higher than the borehole yield and, as well as for drought protection.

Additionally, they turn out to be incredibly useful for commercial usage or farmers that depend greatly on water and have no access to a mains supply which means that if their submersible pump malfunction; they could be without water instantly, having huge implications for the business.

A water storage tank is used to hold water in reserve suggesting that a farmer or company could continue to use their water even if the pump is out of action. This will afford them time to discover the problem and get it fixed.

Along with buying a company time if they come across difficulties, a tank also minimises stress on the borehole by not having it functioning continuously, giving the user more control over their personal water supply.

Warning lights and sensors can also be installed on the storage tanks helping the user make sure that any potential issues are handled before they are out of the water.

Water Storage Tank Essential Factors

The considerations needed when installing water storage tanks will be based on the designated utilisation of the water - whether it is for drinking, agricultural or commercial the requirements can vary.

Do I need to register my borehole?

Based on the National Water Act, you do not have to register ground water usage when it is used for household applications only. Borehole water may also be used for outdoor recreation like replenishing a swimming pool and household disasters like putting out a fire.

What if the driller doesn’t find water?

Your arrangement with the driller will be to drill a hole in the earth, with the potential for tapping into a self-sufficient water resource. If appropriate siting methods were adhered to and in the unlikely event the hole was discovered to be ‘dry’, you will be required to pay the service provider for the drilling. Nevertheless, you won't be liable to pay for any materials and equipment that would be used to complete an installation, namely the pump, piping and electrics.

In conclusion, a borehole is a sound investment. Even though the installation can cost anything from R60 000 to R90 000, having a borehole will add substantial value to your property or home, and eventually, it will represent a smart investment. Assuming that the installation was done by industry experts and with due care.

1. Never service your own borehole

Usually it is advisable to:

  • Ensure the water tank is not too big, so the water in the tank is often refilled with fresh water.
  • Confirm that the container is constructed of approved materials and make sure it is the correct colour for its intended use.
  • Make sure it's fitted with a lid which limits light, is tight fitting and properly fastened, so that birds, pests, and dust can't enter the water.
  • Have the tank annually checked and any debris cleaned out, and the tank sanitised regularly.
  • Guard the tanks against frost

Water storage tanks can be built in segments for construction in confined spaces and are available in various shapes, sizes, materials. Additionally, it is possible to install them underground for those situations where an above-ground water storage tank isn't possible.
If you have any questions about water storage tanks and their installation or applications, get in contact with Enviro Boreholes for more info.

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It is crucial to service and maintain your borehole and pump frequently to have the best return on investment as well as your own private source of running water year-round. By following these easy steps, you can protect your system and water source.

If you are considering becoming self-sufficient, have a look at the considerations below to find out if you too could benefit from installing a borehole on your property.

1. Always use a professional

Whether you are investing in a borehole or maintaining an existing one, it is vital to use an expert in the field. Never attempt to service your own borehole as you will risk contaminating your water source. At Enviro Boreholes, we have ten years’ experience and have drilled over 1000 boreholes in the domestic, commercial and agricultural fields.

2. Don't store or mix chemicals near your borehole

Hazardous chemicals like paint, pesticides and fertilizer can contaminate your water source. A simple spill could quickly leak into the well. Don't ever pour pesticides. Also, make sure you check the borehole cover regularly and be careful when working or mowing around the borehole to avoid damage to the casing.

3. Sanitize your borehole

Anytime repairs are done, your borehole should be sanitized. It's also advised to re-test your water pH-balance to make sure the issue has been fixed.

4. Protect your borehole with a tight-fitting head cap

To protect your borehole, you should ensure it is sealed properly. If not sealed properly with a tight-fitting head cap, it will be easy for undesirables like insects and mice to enter the borehole or holding tank.

Unfortunately, the quality of your water resource can be affected over time, and it is essential to monitor your water quality frequently against bacterial contamination. A simple SANS-241 test should be done at least once per year. It is recommended to seal abandoned boreholes since they can contaminate your groundwater source.

For more information or advice about borehole maintenance or installation, get in contact with Enviro Boreholes today.

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We all need water to survive. Even the adult human body is mostly water, 60% to be exact. Did you know that the average human you can live without food for 21 days? But water is a totally different story since we need it to regulate our body temperature, flush out waste and lubricate our joints. The maximum time the human body can live without water is 7 days.

Currently, in South Africa, we are struggling with water shortages. Luckily for some provinces, going into summer means rainfall but for others like Western Cape, this means disaster since they get most of their rainfall in winter. Since I've already told you how crucial water is, I don't have to tell you how serious the water crisis is, not only for Western Cape but also for other provinces since they would have to source water from said provinces. To put it plainly, when it comes to water, the future in South Africa looks bleak. But it doesn't have to be that way!

The solution is to make use of groundwater by installing a borehole.

Groundwater is clean and rich in minerals. Many people aren't even aware that there is water flowing right under our feet, safe from evaporation and far away from the threat of toxins. This water is probably one of the most unused water resources in our country. Every South African has the right to make use of this water resource and what better way to extract it than with a borehole.

Where does groundwater come from?

Groundwater comes from rain and hail that seep into the ground because of gravitational pull. It moves beyond sand, soil and rock until it reaches a level where it can freely flow.

How deep do you have to drill to find groundwater?

There isn't a specific depth but it can be close to the earth's surface or it can be 10 000 meters deep. The average borehole is between 60m and 80m deep.

Will installing a borehole really help the water shortage in South Africa?

Indeed it will! Not only will it make you self-reliant when it comes to water, it will save you money on municipal costs. Legally, you can use up to 20 000 liters of groundwater every day for anything from watering your garden, washing your car to drinking it. If you are interested in installing a borehole on your property, get in contact with Enviro Boreholes today. With over 10 years experience in borehole drilling and a passion for sourcing water, you will be in good hands.

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Top Tips For Borehole Maintenance

Borehole maintenance is extremely important whether you use it for domestic or commercial purposes. You won't only extend the lifetime of a borehole with regular maintenance, but you'll also maintain its efficiency and yield.

Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to borehole maintenance:

1. Never service your own borehole

While it's tempting to try and service your borehole to save costs, it's not a great idea. When you open the borehole cap, you might be doing irreversible damage to your water source since you allow for bacteria to enter your water supply.

Instead, hire a borehole contractor like Enviro Boreholes, who have the right equipment and expert knowledge to keep your water supply safe from contamination and your borehole fully operational.

2. Prevention is Better than Cure

If you leave borehole maintenance for too long, you might eventually incur serious costs. Make sure you regularly inspect your parts to prevent damage. In case you find any defects or corrosion, immediately get in touch with a borehole contractor for advice and follow the required steps to fix it. Even more so when using borehole water for drinking since ignoring these issues might put your family's health at risk.

3. Regularly test your water

Water should be tested for bacteria and contamination frequently, especially if used for drinking. A simple SANS-241 test can be done at any water lab and should be done at least once per annum. If at any time there's a change in the appearance, smell or taste, it's better to perform a test just to be safe./p>

4. Use Borehole Specialists for Maintenance

Before you hire a contractor to do borehole maintenance, make sure they know what they're doing. Only use qualified professionals! Enviro Boreholes has been drilling boreholes and doing borehole maintenance for over ten years. Their staff is highly trained, and customer satisfaction is their primary goal.

If you need a professional to do borehole maintenance, get in contact with one of the team members at Enviro Boreholes today.

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Depending on the province you live in, you might have just come out of a water restriction period or going into one. There are a lot of reasons for these water shortages, from climate change to mismanagement of water resources. Whichever one you believe, the fact of the matter is that drought is something we as South Africans now have to face and deal with.

Not many people realise just how serious the water crisis in South Africa is and are oblivious to the fact that Level 5 water restrictions have just been implemented in Cape Town. They simply keep using as much water as they want, leaving the rest to do the work.

So what exactly does level 5 water restrictions mean?

You are not allowed to:

  • Hose down paving with municipal drinking water.
  • Water your garden or plants with municipal drinking water.
  • Wash your vehicles with municipal water. Rather make use of groundwater or use waterless products.
  • Fill up swimming pools with municipal drinking water, not even a portable play pool.
  • Use municipal drinking water for water features.
  • Use more than 87 litres of municipal drinking water per person per day (for drinking, cooking, showering, washing and flushing toilets)

The citizens of South Africa need to stand together and become more water conscious in order to save our beautiful country.

What can we do about it?

While there's nothing we can do about drought there is something we can do to lighten the load on municipal water usage like installing a borehole.

How will a borehole help conserve municipal water?

By installing a domestic borehole, you can take the load off municipal water supply since borehole water can be used for anything from irrigation to drinking. You won't ever have to rely on a water supply from the municipality for your daily needs.

What does installing a borehole involve?

The process is very straightforward. First, borehole sitting is done, Once a location is found, the drilling will begin. After the drilling, the casing will be placed inside the well to avoid contamination. The final steps include installation of the pump and filtration system. A borehole installation can take anything from three to five days from start to finish.

Who can I contact to install a borehole?

No one other than Enviro Boreholes of course! With over 10 years’ experience and a reputation that stands out above the rest, you'll be in really good hands! Get in contact with Enviro Boreholes and become self-sufficient with your water supply today.

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They say the grass is greener on the other side. I say it's greener where you water it. But what if there's a drought and you're faced with water restrictions?
Provinces all over South Africa are facing water shortages and the government is currently implementing water shedding in Cape Town. The problem is life goes on. People need to water their gardens, wash their cars and flush their toilets but how do we do it without a reliable water resource?
One way would be to use water very sparsely and honestly, it's something we should consider even without water shortages. But another solution is to install a borehole.

What is a borehole?

A borehole is a long, narrow well, drilled into the ground, to get access to groundwater. Typically a pump will be installed to easily extract water. You can also install a filter if you wish to purify your water supply for drinking.

How much does a borehole cost?

Depending on the depth of the well, the amount of casing needed, the type of pump installed and whether you require a filtration system, you can expect to pay anything from R60 000 to R90 000.

Do I need to register my borehole?

You don't need to register your borehole if the intended use is for domestic purposes. However, if used for agricultural or commercial purposes, it will need to be registered and metered.

Is it safe to drink the water coming from a borehole?

In most cases, the answer is yes. Did you know that approximately 64% of all South Africans don't have access to running water thus survive on groundwater? All spring water and the majority of bottled water sources get their water from boreholes. If you wish to make sure that your water is drinkable, you can easily do a SANS-241 test at your nearest water lab.

To conclude, installing a borehole might be one of the best solutions available for South Africans since tapping into groundwater reduces municipal consumption. Let's face it, climate change is real and sunny South Africa will only get sunnier and warmer which means, even more, water shortages. So what are you going to do about it? The only thing you can do. Install a borehole!

At Enviro boreholes, we provide borehole drilling, installations and maintenance in Gauteng as well as surrounding provinces. With over 10 years drilling experience in the domestic, industrial and agricultural sectors, you can be sure that we know what we are doing. Contact us today and let us help you make your grass green again.

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