A home improvement project that has been growing in popularity over the last few years is drilling a borehole to have a water supply on your land.

Water is necessary for survival on earth, so we spend quite a bit of time and resources on trying to find it, extract it and conserve it.

If you are thinking about drilling a borehole on your property, check out the following advantages and disadvantages associated with it first:


1. Cost

When drilling a borehole, a pump and a filtering system are essential. This will demand an initial expenditure but you will eventually make a recover the funds and start saving money. You won't have to pay for monthly water charges from the municipality. Instead, you can use as much water as you desire free of cost.

2. Financial Benefits

Both residential and commercial water users may qualify for certain benefits when installing a borehole. Consult with your local municipality to find out if you are eligible for any tax breaks or government grants.

3. Taste

Groundwater consumers report that water from a borehole has a more pleasing taste in comparison to mains water. This may be due to the fact that groundwater is not chemically treated before it reaches your property and thus has a more pure, smoother taste.

4. Environment

The filtration system used for drilled boreholes creates much less pollution as opposed to industrial machines that filter water on a large scale. The filtering system of your borehole also reduces energy usage.


As beneficial as drilling a borehole there are some drawbacks.

1. No Chlorine

Despite the fact that insufficient treatment will give water a cleaner, softer taste, it may also leave space for harmful bacteria. Chlorine can help to cleanse the water and make sure nothing hazardous gets in. Without chlorine, your water could be susceptible to substantial levels of iron that may discolor your laundry, basins, bathtubs and showers. A strategy to deal with this is to install a treatment system, so your water gets treated before reaching you.

2. No Fluoride

Fluoride is essential for your oral health. Regrettably, not all boreholes will have adequate fluoride levels, but you can perform a water quality test to find out.

3. Electricity

Since your water pump is required to run off electric power, this may cause an issue any time there are power cuts. Should this happen, make sure to have some backup, like bottles of water stored away. Otherwise, once the electricity shuts off, the only water you'll have from your borehole is whatever is left in your tank.

If you are considering a borehole for your property, get in touch with Enviro Boreholes today.

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