Borehole Siting

Where To Drill A Borehole?

The first decision, once you have decided to drill a borehole is where do you drill it? The drilling site has to be chosen and physically marked on the ground. This is usually done by a professional such as a Hydrogeologists or alternatively, a Water Diviner.

The Hydrogeologist uses various geophysical methods to survey the subsurface geology. In ideal conditions, a Hydrogeologist's success rate is between 60% - 85%. One of the problems with using a Hydrogeologist in an urban setting with his geophysical equipment and methods to probe beneath the surface, is that he is usually working with limited space (not so on a farm or plot) and the other problem is all the pipelines, electrical cables, telephone cables and structures that interfere with an accurate result from the equipment used.

Water divining/dowsing is an age-old “art” and has been practiced throughout history. There are a variety of methods used like forked sticks, copper wires, and many other methods. There is no scientific explanation for water dowsing.

To sum up the siting of a borehole - the decision lies with the customer as to which method they choose. We are here to advise and guide the customer, however, it is the customer choice as to which way to go. Enviro Boreholes can arrange for the water divining method and will gladly give our opinion once the location has been visited.

Get in contact with us to discuss your borehole siting options.

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